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Merry Meet and welcome to my webpage. The purpose of my site is to inform people about Wicca and witchcraft without being to overbearing on the "weird stuff" so many think we do. I have some more links added and plan on making some of my own to give everyone better knowledge of myself and what I feel the Craft is.
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I started reading and dabbling with Witchcraft about 2 1/2 years ago and have been going ever since. I started this site with the hopes that I could spread the word on the positive aspects of Witchcraft and not so much the negatives. Yes, we all know there are zealots to all religions but rest assured the common mis-conceptions are nothing more than what they show you on T.V. If you have no knowledge on our ways or if you have a desire to find out some information about it, this place is good for you.
Here's a brief introduction of myself
My name is Joe Rodriguez and I am married with 3 wonderful kids (most of the time). I am a military pagan stationed in Strassburg, Germany. I am out of the "broom closet" and have people who I work with that ask me all kinds of questions about our religion and I explain to them the best I can. Eventually I plan on teaching others about our ways but, there is so much more I need to learn myself. My newest venture is the learning about the celtic beliefs of the Craft so I have a better overview of other areas as well.
What is Wicca
Charge of the Goddess
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