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The Goddess, is all power, all love, all fertility and creativity. She is the nuturing as well as the destructive force Who created our universe and Who shapes our lives
These are a few aspects of the Goddess
The Goddess of outer space.
The Goddess of the stars.
The Goddess of the galaxies.
The Goddess of the Universe.

Goddess of the Moon.
Goddess of the Waxing Moon.
Goddess of the Full Moon.
Goddess of the Waning Moon.

Goddess of the Earth.
Goddess of earth fertility and of plants.
Goddess of the animals.
Goddess of storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity.
Goddess of gentle rain, wells, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

Goddess of freshness, renewal, beginnings, promise and potential.
Goddess of childbirth, mothers, and mothering.
Goddess of Healing.
Goddess of prophecy.
Goddess of magic.
Goddess of wisdom.
Goddess of power.
Goddess of destruction, retribution, and war.

Understand, A space goddess isn't truly a Wiccan concept. Most Wiccan conceptions of the Goddess are built upon the many combinations possible between these aspects. This signifies a Goddess related to everything.

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