Charge of the Goddess
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The Charge of the Goddess

Hear my words and know me! I shall be called a million names by all who speak! I am Eternal Maiden! I am Great Mother! I am the Old One who holds the immortal key! I am shrouded in Mystery, but am known to every soul!

Hear my words and know me! Whenever the mon rises in the Heavens shall my children come to me. Better it be once a month when the moon is full, shall ye assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of I. I, who am the Queen of Witches!

And under my watchful eye, my children shall be taught the mysteries of Earth and Nature, of the ways of Magick! That which is unknown shall be known, and that which is hidden shall be revealed, even the secluded soul shall be pierced with my Light. From my cauldron shall be drunk all knowledge and immortality!

Ye shall be free from slavery and ye shall dance, sing, and feast. Music shall surround you, for mine is the ecstacy of the spirit, and mine is also the joy of the Earth!
I do not demand sacrifice! For behold, I am the Mother of all living things!
Create and heal! Be strong, yet gentle.
Be noble, yet reverent. Bring forth and replenish.

And, as does the cycle of the Moon ever begin to wax and wane and to grow forth again, as do the seasons from one to the next flow in smooth rhythm, from sowing to reaping, to seeming death and will my children know their own pattern in both worlds!

And ye shall say these words...
I Will love and harm none.
I Will live, love, die and live again.
I Will meet, remember, know,and embrace once more.
For the free will of ALL, And with harm to None
As I will
It now is done. So mote it be!

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