What is Wicca
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Wicca is a nature based, religion that follows a moral code and seeks to build harmony among people, and empower the self and others. As Wiccans we use natural energies to aid us with everyday life and events, both positive and negative. We follow The Wiccan Rede which is "an' it harm none, do what you will". Witches practice individualism and freedom of thought.
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This is a symbol of the goddess, and signifies the feminine aspect of Spirit. Witches use this symbol to connect with the divine feminine. There are several other symbols Wiccans use as well.
Common misconceptions of the Wiccan faith
One of the largest misconceptions of the Wiccan faith is we worship the "devil". We as Witches don't believe in the Devil or Hell so it's kinda' difficult to worship it. We have also been branded as Baby Killers, Sex Fiends who have wild orgies, and a whole slew of bad things. The people who do these sort of things not only give witches a bad name but also have no real clue as to what the religion is all about. Witches pride themselves as being responsible for thier own actions, not placing the blame on some "evil" entity. I come from a Military background and I will use the philosophy the military uses "Be, Know, Do" We strive to BE the best we can be, we KNOW that the knowledge we have sets us apart from others, and we DO try to use this knowledge to the benefit of whole.

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